Campaign Issues

The Bright Future Project – Getting Our Nation Out of Ecological Overshoot
Globally and nationally we are in ecological overshoot. On day one our administration will declare this a national emergency of the highest priority, and implement a national project to get out of overshoot. DETAILS

A Healthy 21st Century Economy
This administration will modernize our nation’s economic policy and reorganize our economy to meet our current needs and the needs of future generations without depleting vital resources and damaging life-supporting ecosystems. DETAILS

Scaling back our economy/consumption will include working less. Our National Ecological Overshoot Project will implement and support job-sharing programs, so there will be plenty of jobs.  DETAILS

Because renewable energy technology cannot deliver enough energy to replace what our current system demands from fossil fuels, we must go on an “energy diet.”  DETAILS

For too long our de facto population policy has been to pursue and embrace population growth. In order to get out of overshoot, our population, like our economy, must contract - ethically and voluntarily.  DETAILS

Climate Stabilization
We'll finally make real progress on dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions through an energy diet, contracting economy and population, and rapid end to use of fossil fuels.  DETAILS

The “environment” is our home. Extraordinary levels of environmental stewardship will trump less critical needs. DETAILS

Food and Agriculture
Industrial agriculture will be replaced with a focus on relocalizing our food system; eliminating the use of fossil fuels, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and concentrated animal feeding operations; and moving to a predominantly plant-based diet.  DETAILS

We'll use policy levers to more quickly diminish fossil-fuel powered transportation, discourage air and even electric automobile travel, and encourage mass transit, bicycling and walking. DETAILS

Factual sex education and the science of overshoot, overpopulation, and limits to growth will be required curriculum for middle and high school students. DETAILS

I'll use policy levers to discourage the energy and materials waste and the climate cost of multiple homes, trophy houses and the like. The net effect of a number of my policies will be more affordable housing. DETAILS

Foreign Policy
The U.S. will be an exemplary global citizen. We’ll come to the aid of nations who need it and request it, and we’ll emphasize cooperation over competition. DETAILS